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I had worked as Quantity Surveyor in Site Office of IRIS BLUE TOWER( 33 storied residential tower), Marina, Dubai for contracting company namely M/s Al Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading ( P.O. Box 2596, Dubai, UAE ).
My scope of work involved :

  1. Calculating quantities of different items of work from drawings Issued for Construction and Interior received respectively from Main Consultant NATIONAL ENGINEERING BUREAU and Interior Consultant WA INTERNATIONAL using MS Excel.
  2. Preparing monthly Interim Payment Application for Permanent Works executed & percentage of invoice value of listed materials, all as stated in the Appendix to the Tender and Plant delivered by the Contractor on the Site for the incorporation in the Permanent Works, but not incorporated in such works.
  3. Studying carefully Architectural and Structural drawings issued at the time of Tender and then at the time of Execution for working out Value of Variations for any increase or omission (decrease) in the Contract Price, which are required to be determined in accordance with Clause 51 & 52 of the Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction , Part I General Conditions with Forms of Tender and Agreement prepared by the Fèdèration Internationale dès Ingenieurs Conseils (FIDIC). In 1992, these Conditions were reprinted with further amendments.
  4. Certifying bills of Domestic & Nominated Sub-contractors for the work executed at the end of each month. The Domestic Sub-contractor are paid as per the Agreement between the Company and that particular Sub-contractor, while the Nominated Sub-contractor are paid in accordance with Clause 59.4.
  5. Preparing revised Cash Flow Chart at the end of each month.
  6. Preparing statement of various Permanent Work completed at the end of each month for Financial Review Meeting of the Company.
  7. Application of Principles of Measurement ( International ) for Works of Construction i.e. in short form PMO for Works of Construction in preparing Monthly Interim Payment Application. These PMO are prepared by  The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, U.K.  
  8. Studying Budget Allocation for this particular Site and preparing data sheet of Cost to Complete at the end of every three months based on summary of total expenditure of Site and amount of certified bills for this period.  
  9. Studying Revised Programmed prepared by Planning Consultant using Primavera Project Planner version 3.1 (P3) as per Clause 14.2 of Conditions of Contract and giving data for all activities completed with dates of actual start and actual finish or being executed in current month to Planning Consultant for updating the Programme at the end of each month.   
  10. Maintaining different box files containing hard copies of worked out quantities, Interim Payment Application submitted at the end of each month and Engineer’s certificates for payment of work done, Request of Information (RFI) submitted to Engineer ( i.e. W.S. Atkins & Partners Overseas )  and Site Instruction issued by Engineer ( Employer i.e. Client’s appointed Engineer – for this particular site the Employer is namely Sheth Estate (International) Ltd. and Engineer is renowned WS Atkins & Partners Overseas, Dubai), Sub-contractor’s agreements, bills and payment made to them and lastly but not the least data sheets of activities for Programme up-dating at the end of each month.      
  11. Written Communication with Sub-Contractor and Employer’s Engineer for matters related to Agreement and Worked out Quantities respectively.          


          Project : IRIS BLUE TOWER, Marina, Dubai.

          Contract Price : 108 million Dirhams ( 29.50 million US $ )

          Consultant : W.S. ATKINS & PATNERS OVERSEAS, Dubai.

          Contractor : Al Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading, P.O. Box 2596, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.